Frost Flower

Frost Flower
Frost Flower Frost Flower Frost Flower Frost Flower Frost Flower

Eco silver Frost Flower necklace with hand made chain

$ 204.11
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The Frost Flower necklace was designed by the renowned jewelry artist Matti Hyvärinen already in the 1960's. We brought the piece back to this day in a silver version which emphasizes the iciness of the forms.

The necklace is a part of the Ice Crystals series which has four pendants and necklaces with two compatible earring models.

Material: EcoAct silver:

- EcoAct silver is our own unique silver alloy with a super high silver content (964/1000). It has been manufactured without any harmful ingredients or waste. EcoAct silver keeps its brightness longer than ordinary Sterling silver.

Measurements: 44 x 18 mm

The necklace comes with a hand made chain. Total lenght 45 cm.

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